By Sara Truebridge, Ed.D.

As adults working in schools, educators’ beliefs translate into messages, actions, and behaviors that can enhance or impede student success. This book affirms why beliefs are so important and why it is imperative to spend time focusing on, reflecting upon, and affecting educators’ beliefs—especially about students’ resilience. ​

Paperback: $29.95, ISBN: 0807754838
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Facilitation guide and companion resources to the film Race to Nowhere

By Kim Westheimer, Vicki Abeles, & Sara Truebridge

Every parent and community has the power to transform our education system and make the well-being of children a priority. In response to unsustainable stress levels in her own children and the suicide of a 13 year old in her community, Vicki Abeles began an investigation into the nation-wide problem of America's pressure cooker culture. She uncovered an epidemic of anxiety, depression and burn-out among students and a lack of preparation for the very different demands of college and the workplace. 


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