The Theory of Change embraced by EDUCATING THE NEW HUMANITY recognizes that the change agents reside not with the programs incorporated in the systems, but rather within the individuals creating and implementing the systems. 

A research-based, community-tested Kindergarten through sixth grade social and emotional learning (SEL) program that builds and strengthens children’s inherent capacity for resilience, self-mastery and empathy for self and others through its curricula, methods, and strategies.


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Implementing New Programs: The Impact of Current Practice

When schools assess the programs and practices they have in place to improve school climate, new programmatic efforts are sometimes implemented to address a school’s needs and strengths. The selection of new programs can be well intended and positively influenced by data collection, current practice and organizational realities. However, current practices and organizational realities can also impede the implementation process. In this webinar, Dr. Sara Truebridge, education consultant and researcher with an expertise in resilience and educational reform, explored the “delicate dance” that can be required when new programmatic efforts are inserted into existing organizational realities. It featured related work by Wisconsin’s Safe and Supportive Schools grant program.